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September 29, 2012

Have you forgotten Christ in your everyday life? 

Do your actions tell others that Christ lives in you and is leading you, or do you subscribe to the stealthy Christian lifestyle?  The one where you keep Christ hidden until you show up for church on Sunday? 

Christ is coming again.  Do you really believe that this is true?  Do you have your house in order for Him to come?  Are you standing in the Word of God, are you obedient to its teachings?  Are you surrendered to the will of God, ready to do whatever the Lord has for you to do?  Have you cleansed your life, and your church, of the things that are of Satan? 

Listen to this podcast to hear how Paul spoke to the Corinthians about the Christ that they had forgotten.  This lesson will speak to you about your own Christian witness.

ARE YOU READY? (2 Cor. 12:11 to 13:3)

ARE YOU READY? (2 Cor. 12:11 to 13:3)

September 27, 2012

Are you ready? 

Are you ready for Jesus to come? 

If not, what are you lacking?  Do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior? 

How will Jesus greet you, as a faithful servant, or as someone He does not know?  These are important questions that most people do not want to answer.  They think that the need to make sure they are ready is far away in some future, it may happen, time.  

Listen to this podcast and learn how Paul tells us to make ourselves ready for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.



September 13, 2012

Are you dealing with true hardship in your life?


Have you lost your job?  Are you dealing with a terminal disease?  Is addiction controlling your life?  Are you facing divorce, or loneliness?


There is only one true answer to these problems, and that is Jesus Christ.  A life surrendered to Jesus as Savior and Master.  There is no other answer that will bring comfort and strength.  Jesus does not promise to make the problems go away, but He does promise believers that He will comfort them and strengthen them as they go through the hardships of life. 


Listen to this podcast and rejoice as you learn how the believer is to deal with adversity.

DO YOU HAVE A MESSAGE TO SHARE? (2 Cor. 11:28-12:4)

DO YOU HAVE A MESSAGE TO SHARE? (2 Cor. 11:28-12:4)

September 3, 2012

Have you ever had a message to deliver that was worth facing difficulties and hardships to deliver?  A message so important that it is written in the blood of those that would share it with the world, and then fight to make it happen.  

This is the kind of message that changes lives. 

As a believer you have a message to deliver that is this important.  It is a message that can change the eternal destiny of your family, your friends, and those around you.  The question is, are you willing to share it? 

Listen and rejoice as we study about the apostle Paul describe the gospel message he has been divinely appointed to deliver and about his visions of heaven.

TO KNOW SOMEONE (2 Cor. 11:21-27)

TO KNOW SOMEONE (2 Cor. 11:21-27)

September 2, 2012

When you look at the people around you, all you can see is what they physically display.  You cannot see the experiences that have shaped them into who they are as a person.  Our first impressions of people are often lasting impressions.  Successful people dress differently than others.  Educated people speak more eloquently than others.  Poor people act with less confidence in a society that rewards only success.  

The same thing applies to our churches.  Many people are misled by those preachers and teachers who boast of the credits applied to their name.  They proclaim their educational credentials, their heritage, or the churches that sent them.

 Are these the things that really matter in preaching the gospel message? 

Listen and rejoice as we learn that God's gospel message is simple.  It is a message of God's grace and not man's efforts to follow some set of religious ritual.  It does not need to be hidden behind fancy speeches and educated speakers.  The gospel message is so simple a child can understand it, and a broken heart can accept it.



August 31, 2012

Most people would not willingly choose to trust in Satan.  The Bible describes him as the father of all lies.  To be deceived by Satan is put your eternal destiny at stake.  To be deceived by Satan means that you will spend an eternity in hell away from God, instead of an eternity in heaven with Christ. 

Yet, how can you discern the work of Satan from that of God? 

Can you recognize the work of Satan by the outward appearances? 

To have beauty on outside is often equated with truth and honesty on the inside.  

To have great physical strength is perceived as being the protector of the innocent. 

To be eloquent of speech appeals to the ear and projects the image of intelligence, education, and sophistication.  Those who are confident in their speech, draw those that lack the confidence of their convictions. 

Recognizing the false from the truth is not easy.  Satan has been perfecting his deceptive lies for the entire history of mankind, from the Creation of man, to this day.  He knows what works, and what draws man to him.  

He knows that man is an inherently religious being, so he creates attractive religions.  He knows that man finds certainty in boundaries, rules, and the predictability of ritual.  So that is what he gives them.  Yet, when man follows these religions he finds himself in bondage, bankrupt financially and spiritually, and beaten by those that would enslave them.  

Listen to this podcast and find out how to discern between the work of Satan and God.

THE TRUE GOSPEL (2 Cor. 11:1-7)

THE TRUE GOSPEL (2 Cor. 11:1-7)

August 13, 2012

How do you decide what is true and what is false? 

When it comes to salvation, how do you know the true gospel from a false gospel? 

When Satan tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden he was described as being subtle, or crafty.  There are many teachers who proclaim to be from God.  They cry out that they provide a gospel message of salvation.  Yet these false teachers have taken the Word of God and subtly changed it to meet their own form of religion.  

They apply rules to a free gift of God.  They apply religious ritual to God's gift of grace.  They apply legalism to the gospel message of Christ that frees man from the burden of the law.  

Eve faced the temptation from Satan with two weapons, the Word of God, and the Spirit of God. 

Satan attacked those weapons by creating doubt about the authority of the Word of God, then he denied the accuracy of the Word of God, then he created delusion about the acceptability of the Word of God.  Satan uses these same tactics today. 

Listen to this podcast and find out how to determine the true gospel message of God.  Learn how Satan is currently working in our world and how to combat him.

PAUL’S DEFENSE (2 Cor. 10:9-18)

PAUL’S DEFENSE (2 Cor. 10:9-18)

August 10, 2012

When you are trying to judge the quality of a person, what do you use for criteria? 

Is it the outward appearance of the person? 

Is it the skill and polish that they are able to communicate with? 

Is it the number of degrees or commendations that they have? 

In this lesson Paul defends himself against the vocal minority who don't like the way he looks, or the way he talks, or even the way he writes his letters.  

Listen to this podcast and learn what the apostle Paul considers to be important in judging the messenger of God.

THE WEAPONS OF GOD (2 Cor. 10:1-8)

THE WEAPONS OF GOD (2 Cor. 10:1-8)

August 6, 2012

When the world thinks of the weapons of warfare it thinks of tanks, guns, cannons, swords, and shields.  They use secular weapons to fight a secular battle. 


Yet the believer’s battle is not physical in nature, but spiritual.  Therefore, the believer’s weapons are very different than those used in secular battles. 


Listen to this podcast and learn how the believer arms themselves as they prepare to battle the powers and principalities of Satan’s world. 




July 30, 2012

What is it that drives you to give a tithe or offering to God?


What is it that causes you to pull out your wallet and place cash in the offering plate each week?


Is it a sense of duty to God?


Do you give so you can get more in return from God?  How many times have you heard that you cannot out give God? 


Listen to this podcast and learn the believer’s motivation for giving to God.  Rejoice as we learn that our giving is always for our benefit.



June 27, 2012

What does the Bible say about giving to God? 

Not what some TV evangelist says, whose only motive is to make himself rich, but what does God say in His Word about giving? 

God does not want you to be ignorant about what He desires from you and for you.  

Listen to this podcast and rejoice as we learn that our giving is always from our increase and for our increase.  God truly wants to use our giving as a door to pour out blessings upon us.



June 19, 2012

When you hear a preacher talking about giving, what is your reaction? 

As a believer do you regard giving as an obligation or an opportunity? 

What would you say if I told that God does not want your giving if it is out of compulsion or obligation? 

Contrary to what you might think, God does not need our giving, rather it is us that need to give to God.  God has promised blessings to those that give willingly.  If you don't want God's blessing, then God says in His Word that you should not give.

 Listen to this podcast and learn what it means to give willingly as Paul uses Jesus Christ as the supreme example of grace giving.

GIVING THROUGH GRACE (2 Cor. 7:12 to 8:5)

GIVING THROUGH GRACE (2 Cor. 7:12 to 8:5)

June 14, 2012

What do you know about God's grace? 

Theologians define grace as the unmerited favor of God, but if that is our only definition then we will miss the rich flavor of this word.  The grace of God is the passion of God to share all His goodness with others. 

Listen to this podcast as Paul uses this principle to describe the spirit of a believer towards giving to God.  Paul calls giving a grace.  It is a grace of God.

THE HEART OF PAUL (2 Cor. 7:2-11)

THE HEART OF PAUL (2 Cor. 7:2-11)

June 4, 2012

Do your emotions tell others about you? 

Do they describe what you are passionate about? 

Do they tell the ones you love how sincere you are when you apologize for causing them grief? 

Do they reveal how you deal with worry, fear, and trials, as well as joy, happiness, and love? 

This is what this lesson is about.  First, Paul lets us into the depths of his heart as he reveal his emotions of fear and then joy.  Then Paul shows us the emotions of a person who genuinely is repenting of the sin in their lives.  

Paul will challenge how you go about telling God that you are repentant of the sins you have committed, and then he describes the characteristics of genuine repentance. 

Listen and rejoice to the heart of an apostle.

A CALL FOR SEPARATION (2 Cor. 6:15 to 7:1)

A CALL FOR SEPARATION (2 Cor. 6:15 to 7:1)

May 27, 2012

What is the separated life of the believer? 

This week's podcast describes what the Biblical meaning of a separated life is, and powerful effect it can have on your life and your testimony.  Christ did not call us to live a secluded life.  He called us to live a separated life.  

Listen and rejoice to this verse-by-verse study of 2 Cor. 6:15 to 7:1.



May 20, 2012

What is the character of a believer?  

Is the world to notice something different in the way the believer lives his life? 

In this study, Paul uses the example of his own life, and the challenges that he has faced in the ministry of Christ, to encourage the Corinthians engage in the spreading of the gospel message of Christ. 

Rejoice as you listen to how Paul describes the power of the believer, the life of the believer, and the way God protects His messenger.

A CALL TO SERVICE (2 Cor. 6:1-6)

A CALL TO SERVICE (2 Cor. 6:1-6)

May 10, 2012

Are you telling yourself that someday you would like to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? 

You are still young, still busy with life, still waiting for that right time to accept the free gift of salvation that God has provided through His Son Jesus, so you say someday I will take care of things with God. 

In His Word, God tells us that now is the accepted time, now is the time for salvation.  Not tomorrow, not next week, not someday, but now is the time that God has provided for you to learn what it means to know Jesus, and to have everlasting life.  

This is the message of this podcast.  In 2 Corinthians 6:1-6, Paul makes a plea to all believers to join him in the ministry of sharing the gospel message of Christ to a lost world.  He makes his plea with the sense of urgency that comes from knowing that life is short, sometimes too short.  Don't miss this opportunity to find God as you listen to this podcast.

TO BE RECONCILED (2 Cor. 5:17-21)

TO BE RECONCILED (2 Cor. 5:17-21)

April 26, 2012

Do you hate God? 

The answer to this question is yes for many people in this world.  When sin entered the world a state of enmity was created between man and God.  But all of the hatred is on the side of man, not God. 

God does not hate you, He loves you.   

Listen and rejoice to the description of three great Biblical truths: 

1) How God reconciled the world to Him by sending His Son to die for the world's sin. 

2) How you can become a new creation in Christ 

3) How the baptism of the Holy Spirit changes the new believer forever.



April 3, 2012

What are your ambitions in life?  

To be financially secure, to have a family, a high level job in a large corporation, or to be a powerful politician? 

Are these the things that motivate you every day? 

Can you be a believer and have these same ambitions and motivations? 

In this week's study in chapter five of 2 Corinthians, Paul describes for us what it means to be an ambitious believer. 

Listen and rejoice as we learn what God wants your motivations to be.

ARE YOU CONFIDENT? (2 Cor. 5:6-8)

ARE YOU CONFIDENT? (2 Cor. 5:6-8)

March 31, 2012

It is one thing to say that I believe in God, and I believe what God's Word says about death, life, Heaven, and Hell. 

It is another thing to say that I am so confident of what God says is true that I have no fear of death.  In fact, I am ready, or as Paul says, I am groaning, to be absent from this earthly body and present with my Lord and Savior Jesus.  

In this lesson Paul describes what it means to walk by faith, and not by sight.  This is not a hope so faith, nor does it depend on how hard you believe.  

True Biblical faith is a faith built on substance and evidence.  Substance for the scientific mind, and evidence for the legal mind. 

Listen and learn what it truly means to walk through the shadow of death and to have no fear.

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