The Master‘s Class, LifeChange Church Wichita


September 29, 2012

Have you forgotten Christ in your everyday life? 

Do your actions tell others that Christ lives in you and is leading you, or do you subscribe to the stealthy Christian lifestyle?  The one where you keep Christ hidden until you show up for church on Sunday? 

Christ is coming again.  Do you really believe that this is true?  Do you have your house in order for Him to come?  Are you standing in the Word of God, are you obedient to its teachings?  Are you surrendered to the will of God, ready to do whatever the Lord has for you to do?  Have you cleansed your life, and your church, of the things that are of Satan? 

Listen to this podcast to hear how Paul spoke to the Corinthians about the Christ that they had forgotten.  This lesson will speak to you about your own Christian witness.

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