The Master‘s Class, LifeChange Church Wichita


January 9, 2012

If you are facing a trial in your life, if you have a heart burdened with sorrow and pain, God is the one that can truly provide comfort to you.


Are you lonely?  Do you feel abandoned? God understands this type of suffering and He provides comfort for you.  God provides comfort for our emotional suffering. 


Are you suffering from physical pain, disease, a physical or mental handicap?  God understand this type of suffering as well and God provides comfort for our physical suffering.


Are Satan and his demons attacking you in the work that you are doing for the Lord?  Is Satan trying to discourage you, to detract you from accomplishing God’s will for your life?  Then God has the comfort that you need.  God provides comfort for our spiritual suffering.


As the God of all comfort God provides for all of our suffering, no matter what type it is. 


How do we know that He can?  Because the best person to provide comfort to someone who is suffering is someone who has suffered that same type of tragedy or pain in their lives.  In this study we are going to show how God knows what we are suffering because of the suffering that He has endured.

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