The Master‘s Class, LifeChange Church Wichita


August 23, 2015
When you think of what the government is responsible for doing, what is it that comes to mind?

Certainly our world today has come to believe that the government is responsible for the success of every citizen.  The government is to assure that all of our needs are met from cradle to grave.  If you are hungry, don’t worry about working or finding a job, any job, to feed yourself or your family, the government will feed you.  

If you don’t have a home, don’t worry, the government will make sure you have the money to buy that home.  The government will even make sure you have a cell phone, a college education, transportation to get where you need to go, and all of your medical bills are paid.  No job required, in fact, if you do get a job, the government will stop paying you and take money away from you to give to those that don’t have a job.  Kind of makes you wonder why people go to work at all, doesn’t it?

The people of our nation have come to believe that the government is to cover your losses if your business fails, or if you can’t pay back your student loans.  The government chooses to do this because it knows that it is the most efficient and cost effective agency that can meet everyone’s needs.  Right?  Every social welfare program we have is run effectively by the government.  There is no waste, or fraud, or people taking advantage of the system.  

If this is not true, then why do we keep asking the government to do more of it?  If every time you went to the doctor, he failed to treat you, wouldn’t you stop going to that doctor?

But is any of this part of the role that God wants the government to do for its citizens?  That is what our lesson is about today, what the government’s responsibilities are, as intended by God.  

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