The Master‘s Class, LifeChange Church Wichita


July 30, 2014
We live in a world where man does not like to admit that his sinfulness and rebellion against God are at the heart of the problems of society.  We talk easily about how men are naturally good and that it is society that makes them bad.  We have a hard time taking responsibility for our actions in our society.  We are much more comfortable discussing imperfections, weaknesses, mistakes, and errors in judgment as the cause for our faults.  These terms are more socially acceptable, and almost everyone identifies with them, for we all have weaknesses.  

But an outright acknowledgment of guilt before a holy God, a 100 percent acceptance of responsibility for wrongdoing, is difficult for most people to do.  Yet, it is this kind of honesty that is the first step to the freedom from sin and guilt that God longs to give us and has provided for us in the death of Jesus Christ. 

It is easy to see the fault in others, to consider yourself as better than the other person.  It is even easier to praise the punishment of somebody else, but we become horrified when we are the subject of the punishment for doing the exact same thing.  When we judge others, there is no excuse for doing something wrong, but when we are judged ourselves our excuses are intended to exempt us, to explain our sins.  

God sees through our excuses and sees the sin. 

Listen to this podcast and learn how God condemns the moral hypocrite.

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