The Master‘s Class, LifeChange Church Wichita


February 27, 2012

Where can you find real truth? 


What are the absolute truths about right and wrong, good and evil?


The educational system and the liberal media would tell you that they are anything you want them to be, that there are no absolute truths about right and wrong.  But they are deceiving you.  People have been searching for the answers to these questions since the beginning of time. 


They have tried atheism.  Atheism teaches that all of this marvelous creation was just an accident, a random chance event.  There is no truth to be found in atheism.


They have tried philosophy.  Philosophy can teach you more and more about nothing, but there is no real truth to be found in philosophy.


They have tried false religions.  Satan absolutely loves false religion.  He is the master at making people believe just about anything you can imagine.  He would tell you that salvation can be found in ritual, ceremony, good works, and membership in a church.  Yet, there is no truth to be found in false religion.


So where can you turn to find truths in a dark and blinded world? 


In the light that is Jesus Christ.  He alone has the words of eternal life, the truth about right and wrong, love and grace, mercy and forgiveness.


Listen and rejoice as Paul describes how Satan has blinded the world to the light that is Jesus Christ in this verse-by-verse study of 2 Cor. 4:3-6.

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