The Master‘s Class, LifeChange Church Wichita

THE HEART OF PAUL (2 Cor. 7:2-11)

June 4, 2012

Do your emotions tell others about you? 

Do they describe what you are passionate about? 

Do they tell the ones you love how sincere you are when you apologize for causing them grief? 

Do they reveal how you deal with worry, fear, and trials, as well as joy, happiness, and love? 

This is what this lesson is about.  First, Paul lets us into the depths of his heart as he reveal his emotions of fear and then joy.  Then Paul shows us the emotions of a person who genuinely is repenting of the sin in their lives.  

Paul will challenge how you go about telling God that you are repentant of the sins you have committed, and then he describes the characteristics of genuine repentance. 

Listen and rejoice to the heart of an apostle.

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