The Master‘s Class, LifeChange Church Wichita


August 13, 2017

We are at a point in our study of the Book of Revelation where the Tribulation Period is beginning. The church has been taken out in the rapture, the restraint of the Holy Spirit has been removed, the world is in chaos, and into this chaos, Satan’s superman, the Antichrist will step onto the scene. The Scriptures tell us that there is some day going to arise an individual who will be the embodiment of all Satanic power. He will be known as the willful king, because he shall do according to his own will. He will have no respect for sacred things or places. He will allow the Jews to rebuild the temple, and then he will betray them by erecting a throne in the Most Holy Place and seat himself upon it. He will proclaim himself god, and men will be commanded to worship him. Satan will give him his power, his throne, and great authority.

When the Antichrist begins to go forth, everyone will proclaim that a savior has come to bring world peace. Indeed, at that moment in time, the world will be ready for the devil’s messiah. And he will take full advantage of his hero status. The world will worship at his feet. Little children will speak his name with reverence. Men will lay down their lives for this man. He will personify all of the Caesars, Napoleons, Hitlers, and Stalins rolled into one, and he will have sinister plans for military conquest.

Click on the link below to hear a sermon on the opening of the first three seal judgments of the Tribulation Period. The Antichrist will come, war will follow just as surely as night follows day, and then, as a result of the war, worldwide famine will spread across the world.

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