The Master‘s Class, LifeChange Church Wichita


February 27, 2022

I don’t think anyone listening to me today would disagree that we are in moral crisis in our world today, and especially in America.  But, we are also in a crisis of leadership, and certainly the Bible teaches us that a nation gets the kind of leadership that nation deserves. May I say clearly and plainly that leadership is crucial for any nation to be blessed by God.

There’s an old proverb that says, “If the gold rust, what shall the iron do?” Now, what that proverb is trying to say is that, if our leadership is not right, what’s going to happen to the rest of us? 

Now, here in our country, our government is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The very genius of our government is that the people participate.  It’s unthinkable that God Almighty would have ordained government and then told His people to stay out of it.  Because, if we do stay out of it, then who would that leave to influence and to lead?  Unfortunately, we see the answer to that question with the leadership that populates all levels of our government.  There is a crisis in leadership in our country today, nor is this anything new.  It has been a crisis for a very long time.  

Yet, don’t ever think for one moment that because wicked men make wicked choices, and wicked rulers lead, that God has forsaken control. He has not.  The Bible says, “For God is the King of all the earth,” and not only is He King of all the earth, but He is King forever. 

Now having said all this, what should we do? Well, number one, the very first thing that we need to do is to pray for revival. The second thing we need to do is prepare for suffering. We need to teach our children that it may not be like we had it. We need to be building character into these boys and girls. Then, the third thing we need to do: We need to prepare for the Lord Jesus Christ’s arrival.  He is coming. Jesus is coming.  All you have to do is look around and see that the signs of the times are saying that Jesus is near.  

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