The Master‘s Class, LifeChange Church Wichita


November 20, 2012

Do you always try to do what is right?  Most of us would say yes. 

In your daily activities are you always trying to do what is ethical, moral, and just?  Again, my expectation is that you would say yes, as Christians we are basically moral people.  

Do you have a set of values about what is right or wrong that you try to live your life by?  Of course, you do. 

When you face a hard decision about your career, or marriage, or divorce, or even where you are going to go on vacation, do you try to do what is right in your own eyes? 

Listen to this podcast to learn how Jesus tells you that if you answered yes to any, or one, of these questions, and you are a believer, then you have failed to fully enter into the rest that Jesus Christ offers each believer.

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