The Master‘s Class, LifeChange Church Wichita


March 18, 2014
Be careful what you say.

Have you ever considered how you would feel if you knew that someone was recording every word that you said or wrote somewhere?  And if you knew your words were judged each day by someone to determine if those words were good or evil?

How would that impact the words that you allowed your tongue to say?  Would you filter them more closely?

In our world today we get very concerned when the government intrudes on our privacy, such as with the NSA listening in on our phone conversations.  We have the concept of presumed privacy in our lives.  In countries such as the U.S. that right of privacy is protected, but with technology as it is today, any real privacy is a myth.

Listen to this podcast to learn that God has always been listening in on all of your conversations.  God has the sovereign right to bug your conversations, and He has recorded every word that you have ever said.  

James tells us that the words used by a person identify who they are.  Your tongue gives you away.  It tells where you came from. It tells whether you are ignorant or educated, cultured or crude, whether you are clean or unclean, whether you are vulgar or refined, whether you are a believer or a blasphemer, whether you are a Christian or a non–Christian, whether you are guilty or not guilty. 

What has your tongue said about you today?

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