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A MIRACULOUS BIRTH (Luke 1:30; 2:8-14)

December 20, 2020

Now, I’m aware that the world laughs at the idea of a virgin birth. They think of it as some sort of primitive, medieval superstition or something. They laugh, they mock, at the idea of the virgin birth. I can tell you furthermore, the devil hates the idea of the virgin birth, because it teaches both the humanity and the deity of his nemesis, and our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. But worse than the mockery of this world, and worse than the hatred of Satan, is the ignorance of many so-called Christians concerning the virgin birth. Many of them doubt it. Some don’t believe it at all. And others think that it is incidental. 

One of the most frequent challenges about the virgin birth of Christ is that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God.  They will state, “You say that Jesus Christ is the Son of God because He was born of a virgin, and that He didn’t have an earthly father.  Well, Adam didn’t have a father or a mother. Wouldn’t that make Adam more a Son of God than Jesus?”  The answer to that question is found at the very root of our knowledge about who Jesus Christ is.  The answer that the Word of God gives us is that Jesus was not the Son of God because He was born of a virgin.  Instead, He was born of a virgin because He was the Son of God.  

What the other faiths do not understand is that Jesus did not have His start in Bethlehem. Jesus Christ has been the Son of God from before the foundations of time.  In other words, He was the Son of God before Bethlehem, and He chose to step out of the glory to become God incarnate in man, and He did so by being born of a virgin.

Click on the podcast below to hear a message on why the virgin birth is so important to our faith.  Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was born of a virgin that we might be born again. He came to earth that we might go to heaven. He became the Son of man that we might become the sons and daughters of God. That’s what it’s all about. That is why we have the virgin birth.


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