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A DEAD CHURCH (Revelation 3:1-6)

May 28, 2017

When I say that a church is dead, what does that mean to you?

Can a conservative church be dead? Can a liberal church be dead? Can a legalistic church be dead? How about a church with a large beautiful campus with services filled to capacity multiple times a week, can that church be dead?

A dead church is one that no longer exists to serve Christ. It serves tradition, or religious ritual, or the world, but not Christ. If your tradition, or ritual, is more important than what the Word of God says, then you are in a dead church. We have many dead churches in our world today. In fact, we have many more dead churches than we do live ones. Some of these churches started out as Holy Spirit led churches, but as time wore on, and tradition and ritual set in, the church let the fires go out, and they existed to serve their religion, not Christ.

Many, large, popular, churches, are dead churches. They may sing all the right songs. They may say all the right Scriptures. The preacher may have a compelling message, but Christ is not the focus of their worship. In fact, they won’t even mention Christ, or sin, or Hell, or the final judgment. They will talk about a far-off, distant God, who set the world in motion and then stood back to watch how things turned out. They may have their own prophet who gives a more enlightened word that they follow. A church that does not serve and worship Christ as their Lord and Master, is a dead church.

Clink on this link to hear a sermon on a church that the Lord Jesus calls a dead church.

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