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December 12, 2021

The Bible says that the great hunger of every person’s heart is to know Jesus Christ.  Not know about Him, but to know Him and to have reality.  Yet, people are tired of hypocrisy. They are tired of games. But they are seeking reality.  If we want to reach people for Christ.  If we want to show people how to fill that great hunger they feel in their heart, then we must have this bright, shining, and living reality, and no longer be cardboard Christians. 

Prov 21:28
28 A false witness shall perish: but the man that heareth speaketh constantly.

This verse says that it is fatal not to have reality, to be false, to be a phony, to be a cardboard Christian. “A false witness shall perish.” A false witness is someone who looks like a Christian, acts like a Christian, talks like a Christian, they may even believe they are a Christian, but they are not saved, and they are not born again.  If you believe that you will have eternal life in heaven just because you have joined the right church, but you have never made Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior, then you are a cardboard Christian.

The verse also tells us of the reality of a faithful witness, “but the man that heareth speaketh constantly.”

John 10:27
27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

This means that the Lord doesn’t know anyone unless they have heard His voice. You cannot be a Christian without hearing the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t mean audibly. But you must hear God. A faithful witness hears, and what is it that they hear? His voice. What is His voice? His Word. The Bible that we have been given by God, written and inspired by God, those words are the words of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Click on the link below to hear a podcast message from The Master’s Class at LifeChange Church Wichita on the fatality of a false witness, and the reality of a faithful witness.  


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