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November 14, 2014
There is no question that one of the greatest trials that we will face in our lifetime is the loss of a loved one.  As we face that event we often begin to ask God questions like, why did my parent, or spouse, or child have to die?  Even more difficult is the day the doctor tells you that you are going to die.  When faced with the death of a loved one, or even our own death, we ask God, Why must everyone die?  

Why do innocent babies die?  Why do good people die?  Why is it that bad people are not the only ones that die?  According to the way that man thinks, if it was a just world, good people would live forever, and bad people would die at a young age, in a horrible way.  But that is not the way it works in our world, everyone dies.  Little children die, moral people die, and even religious people die right along with the bad people.  Death is universal.  The question is why, and is there a solution to the problem of death?

For a universal effect there must be a universal cause.  That cause is a state of universal sin, but what was the cause of this universal state of sin?  The direct answer is that we all die because the first man, Adam, rebelled against God by violating God’s direct commandment.  

The consequence of Adam’s sin was that a universal state of sin was given to all of Adam’s descendants.  As the descendants of Adam all men must now die, even innocent children.  There is the saying that only two things are certain in this life, death and taxes.  Until the day Jesus comes, each of us will certainly face death because of sin.  

Well you say, Keith that is not fair.  Why must I die because of something Adam did?  Actually, not only is it fair, but it is to our advantage to have sin enter the world through the acts of one man.  

Listen to this podcast to learn that the wonderful thing about God’s love for man is that it is because sin and death entered as a result of one man’s sin, that the solution is provided by the death of one Man as well.  Jesus Christ is the world’s solution to eternal death.  

The death, burial, and resurrection, of Jesus Christ means that everyone who has ever lived can have eternal life if they have, or will, believe in Christ’s completed work of salvation.  We can have eternal life with Jesus in heaven because He was divinely capable of being the One man who could pay the universal penalty of our sin, and Jesus volunteered to do this for you and for me.  
HOW CAN WE BE RIGHTEOUS? (Romans 3:24-26)

HOW CAN WE BE RIGHTEOUS? (Romans 3:24-26)

October 2, 2014
For the believer who has Christ as his Savior, words like justified, freely, grace, redemption, propitiation, faith, and blood all have very specific meanings to their faith.  Yet how many Christians can define these words in a way that allows others to understand how God’s plan of salvation has changed their lives?  

For example, as you relate God’s plan of salvation to someone you know, can you tell them how it meets their need of being seen as righteous before God because of the redemptive price that was paid by Jesus on the cross.  How it grants them redemption?  How it serves as propitiation, and how the means of this salvation is our faith in Christ?  How the redemptive price for this salvation was so high, that it cost the shed blood of the Son of God?

The wonderful good news about God’s plan of salvation is that a holy and perfectly righteous God devised a plan of salvation that reaches down into the depths of sin and darkness that man has fallen to, and yet does not compromise God’s own inherent holiness, justice, and righteousness.  Listen to this podcast to learn what these words mean to your salvation, and to the salvation of those who want eternal life with Jesus in heaven.


September 19, 2014
When your religion demands that you do more good than bad, you must always ask yourself, Have I done enough? The problem is that you will not know the answer to that question until you stand before the judgment of God.

You must ask yourself, how many right things does it take to outweigh a really bad thing? Is there ever a way to earn enough good things to overcome a violent crime, such as a rape, or an armed robbery, or even murder?  Is there anything that a person can do that can overcome these things in a religion that says that the good a person does must outweigh the bad things that a person does?  

This is the question that most people are asking themselves, have I done enough to please God?

What if I told you that there was a simple answer to this question?  The answer is, no, you have not, and you never will.  That is probably not the answer that you were expecting, right?  Well, right here in this question and answer is the key to what makes Christianity, God’s true plan for salvation, so much better, so much more practical, and so much simpler, than all of the religions that rely on the scales of right and wrong. 

The gospel message of Christ presents a much different scenario for man.  We do not have to wait until we die to find out where we shall stand in the judgment.  We can know right now.  Paul says that there is none righteous, no not one.  Then he says that through God’s law, that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God.  Every mouth, not some mouths, but every mouth shall be stopped from protesting their innocence.  For by the law all the world, not some select group of do gooders, but everyone, all the world becomes guilty before God and therefore we all need a Savior.  You know this now, not when you stand before Christ on that judgment day, you know this now, and your opportunity to do something about it is now.  

John tells us that He that believeth on him (Christ) is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. John 3:18

If you fail to accept Jesus as your Savior, the verdict that you will hear from Christ at the Great White Throne judgment will be that you rejected Christ.  That none of your good works are good enough, they are as filthy rags before a holy God, and that you are condemned to spend eternity burning in the fires of hell.  

It is a vain belief in any religion that says you should hang on to hope that somehow, even still, that your good deeds can outweigh your bad deeds.  That maybe somehow you will be able to do something that God will judge as acceptable to Him.  If you believe this, then this lesson is for you.  The best, the most sincere, and the most strenuous attempts to please God by keeping His law will fail.  It cannot be done.  Truly, man is not only helpless in his condition, but he is hopeless in his case before a Holy God.  

Yet all is not lost.  The wonderful good news of the gospel is that if man is to be saved, then God must save him.  God loves you, and His most sincere desire is that you join Him in heaven for all of eternity.  If you are willing to accept His free gift of salvation, then you can indeed do just that.  This week’s lesson tells us that we are all guilty before God, that we all need a Savior, and that Savior is Jesus Christ.


April 28, 2014
When I was a small child, I always wanted to be near my Father, because I knew that he loved me, and that he would protect me.  When I put my small hand into his big hand and we walked somewhere, I always felt secure and safe.  When he hugged me I knew all was right with the world.  

Now that I am a child of God, I want God to be so close that I can feel the warmth of His embrace.   I want God to be so close that I can put my small hand into His infinite hand and I want to walk and talk with Him.   

What is so amazing about our God is that He wants to be close to us as well.  He wants to walk and talk with us in the cool of the afternoon as He did with Adam and Eve.  The Bible tells us that there is a great gulf fixed between man and God, yet God has taken the initiative on this side of the grave.  In an act of infinite compassion God has come looking for us because we are lost.  God has sent His Son Jesus Christ to be the bridge that can bring us to God.  

God has come as far as He can.  He stops short of violating the human will.  He stands at the edge of the bridge with arms outstretched and says Come! Come! Come!

In our lesson today, James tells us how to draw near to God.  How it is possible to have a personal, up-close, relationship with the almighty Creator of all things.  
DO YOU BELIEVE GOD?  (James 2:21-24)

DO YOU BELIEVE GOD? (James 2:21-24)

February 25, 2014
Do you believe God?

Not do you believe in God, but do you believe God?  

Do you believe what God says in His Word, the Bible?  

Do you believe God the Father when He said of Jesus Christ, this is my Son in whom I am well pleased?  

Do you believe God when He says that your salvation is by His grace alone, and not by works, lest any man should boast?

Abraham was a man that believed God.  What this means is that Abraham said amen to God. God had said, “I will do this for you,” and Abraham says to God, “I believe You. Amen. I believe it.”  And that was counted to him for righteousness.   Abraham did not work to earn his salvation, it was his faith that was counted for righteousness.  But it was not just faith in anything.

It is important to note what Abraham believed, for God to count it for righteousness.  It was when he believed the promise of THE SEED.  That is when God counted it to him for righteousness.  

Ultimately it is the same for all ages.  It is the faith in Jesus Christ that our salvation rests.  He is The Seed.  

It is not mere faith that saves, but it is the object of your faith that saves.

It is not mere faith that saves, but it is your faith in Christ that saves.  

Abraham just believed God. He just accepted what God said about the promised Seed, and he believed God. That is the way each of us get saved.  That is how we receive God’s gift of eternal life.

You must believe that God has done something for you, that Christ died for you and rose again. 

It is then, that God will declare you righteous by simply accepting Christ.

Listen to this podcast to learn that it is not good works that will allow you to stand imputed with righteousness before God, but it is when you believe God.  



February 11, 2014
What is the perfect law of liberty?

Have you ever considered what it would be like to go someplace where there were no laws, and no police officers to enforce those laws?  To be totally free to do whatever you wanted, for as long as you wanted, and in any way that you wanted to do it?

Sounds pretty good doesn't it?  If I don’t want to get up in the morning, I don’t have to.  If I want to drive my car as fast as it will go, then I can.  

This is pretty much what it was like for the early pioneers who opened up the western part of the United States.  When they stepped out into that wilderness, they were free from the laws and those that would enforce it.  They lived by their wits, their strength, and their courage, for even though there were no societal laws, there were always the laws of nature, and the laws of the strongest shall prevail.  

So the question is, are you truly free when you step out of the boundaries of the laws of a civil society?  Is this true liberty?

Without laws, is there such a thing as criminal behavior?  To be a lawbreaker there must be a law to break.

God, as our Creator, knew that man needed laws to establish the absolute truths about right and wrong, so He gave us His Word that we call the Bible.  It contains the Mosaic Law, The Sermon on the Mount, and it contains Christ’s Law, which is the perfect law of liberty.  These laws identify what is sin for man.  They let man know that he has broken those laws, that the penalty of that sin is death, and that man needs a Savior.  The very Savior named Jesus Christ who died on a cross to pay the penalty for man’s sin.  

As a believer we are no longer under the Mosaic Laws, but our behavior is to be controlled by two commandments.  

The first is, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind.  This is a believer’s responsibility to God.  

The second is, To love thy neighbor as thyself.  This is a believer’s responsibility to others.

How do we find perfect liberty?  Listen to this podcast to learn that the answer is to be redeemed, released, and ruled by Christ.  
HOW JESUS SUFFERED (Mark 14:25-36)

HOW JESUS SUFFERED (Mark 14:25-36)

September 25, 2013
Life often places us in situations where we have a loved one who is suffering in great pain, or emotionally from a loss.  Our natural desire is to be able to reach out and remove that suffering from them and place it on ourselves. We want to take their place, and let us handle the pain.

I remember watching my mother as she suffered in pain from terminal cancer.  There was nothing more that I wanted to do than take that pain away from her and let me bear it.  I wanted to do this because I loved her enough that I was willing to take her place, even if it meant that I would die.  

If we as people are capable of this kind of love, how much more so is a holy God capable of this kind of love?  It is because of God’s love for us that He sent His Son Jesus to die on a cross so that we could avoid the suffering and pain of an eternity spent burning in the Lake of Fire.  Jesus took on our suffering so that we could choose not to.  God loves each of us so much that He desires that none of us should perish.

Listen to this podcast to learn how Jesus suffered great pain on the cross.  How Jesus suffered emotionally on the cross. How Jesus suffered at the hands of a holy God on the cross, and Jesus suffered at the hand of Satan while He was on the cross.  

Most of all, hear why Jesus had to suffer.



August 7, 2013

If someone were to ask you which law was the most important what would you say?

Would it be that we are not to murder someone?

Would it be that we are not to steal from someone?

How about that we are not to abuse a child?  Even the prisoners in our jail system hate those who would abuse a child.

Listen to this podcast to learn that the most important law in this world is to love God with all of your heart, with all of your mind, with all of your strength, and with all that you are.  The second most important law is to love your neighbor as yourself. 

If you can learn to obey these two laws, then all of the other laws that man can create are no longer relevant.

If you can obey these two laws, and never fail, then you can live in heaven for eternity.

However, if you fail to obey these two laws, even just once, and we will all fail, then you need Jesus as your Savior.   This is the simple message of this lesson, you need Jesus in your heart.



June 22, 2013

All things are possible with God.

If it is not the strong, or the wealthy, or the sophisticated, or even the educated that can have eternal life in heaven with Jesus, then who possibly can?

In our world these are the ones who are considered worthy of our admiration, our respect, even our worship, but Jesus says that it is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than it is for one of these to enter into the kingdom of God.

If that is true, then it is impossible for man to save himself, or to earn his salvation from God.

Listen to this podcast to hear how what is impossible for man to accomplish, is simple for the almighty Creator of all things.  Learn how all things are possible with God.  Learn how Jesus Christ has already completed all of the work for you salvation, all you have to do is accept His free gift of grace.



June 10, 2013

What must I do to have eternal life?

Eternal life is an issue that each of us must decide how real it is, and if it is real, what we must do to have eternal life.

There are multiple religions, philosophies, and teachings, on what eternity looks like, and what a person must do to enter into it. 

Must you earn it?  Must you be a member of a certain religion? Is there any sin that will be unforgivable, or unpardonable, that would definitely keep you out of heaven?

Now, make no mistake about it, I firmly believe that the only true answer to this question is found in Jesus Christ.  It is found in Jesus Christ and Jesus alone.  There is no other way to eternal life in heaven, but through Jesus Christ. 

Listen to this podcast to learn what Jesus has done, is doing, and will do, to provide you with eternal life.  The answers you seek are in the Bible.  The Bible is the true, the inerrant, and the Holy Spirit inspired Word of God where Jesus tells us what we must do to find eternal life in heaven. 

THE LORD OF OUR NEEDS (Mark 7:31 to 8:8)

THE LORD OF OUR NEEDS (Mark 7:31 to 8:8)

April 15, 2013

How do you go about meeting your family's needs? 

You anticipate them.  You plan for them.  You work for them.  You spend hours cooking, cleaning, and making the things that they need.  You get up early every morning to go to a job because you know they are depending on you.  You sacrifice for them.  You want them to be able to depend on you.  You want them to have faith that you will be able to meet their needs because you always have.   You dedicate your life to meeting the needs of the family that God has been gracious enough to give you.  You do this because you love them. 

If you, as a parent are capable of doing this out of the love found in your human heart, how much more so can Jesus, as the Son of the living God, meet your needs out of the unlimited love found in His divine heart?   

Listen to this podcast to learn how Jesus, as the Lord of our needs, plans methodically and miraculously for our needs.  He structures our experiences to build our faith, and He expects us to have faith that He will always be there for us. 

That faith comes as we look back at the things that He has done for us in the past. 

That faith comes because He has promised to never, never, never, leave us.


CAN YOU WAIT TOO LONG? (Mark 6:14-29)

CAN YOU WAIT TOO LONG? (Mark 6:14-29)

March 10, 2013

We live in a society that promotes acting now before it is too late. Items that we want go on sale so we rush down to the store to beat the crowd. Ads proclaim buy now while supplies last.

There is so much noise, so many offers, that we become desensitized to the messages. When companies call us on the phone we screen our calls using caller ID. We don't answer the phone hoping that they will stop calling.

God is knocking on the heart of the unbeliever. God wants everyone to be saved. Not just some elect group of people, but all people. God loves you and He wants you to have eternal life. So God knocks, and God waits. He never barges down your door. He never forces His will upon you. He just knocks and He waits.

The question is how long will God wait? Can you wait too long before God stops knocking and walks away?

Listen to this podcast to find out if a person can pass that invisible line of God's mercy to God's wrath. Can it ever be too late to accept Jesus as your Savior?



February 10, 2013

When we need something done that we cannot do for ourselves, then we begin to search for someone with the power to meet that need.

When my car needs repaired, when something in my home needs repaired, I begin a search for someone with the power to meet that need.

When my need becomes a desperate need, I look for someone with the power to save me.

Listen to this podcast to find the One with the power to meet the most desperate need in each of our lives. Listen and discover that Jesus Christ is the only One with the power to save you.

If you are lost in a dark world, then Jesus Christ is the answer to that need. Jesus Christ has the power to save you.

THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST (Matt. 1:1 to 2:11)

THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST (Matt. 1:1 to 2:11)

December 23, 2012

Why is the story of the birth of Jesus so important to the Christian faith?


Why do people all around the world read this story around the Christmas tree as they gather to celebrate this special day?


Listen to this podcast to learn the meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Why His birth must have been from a virgin Mary.  Why there is absolutely no compromise on this fact. 


This is a story of God’s amazing grace, in that He loved each of us so much that He sent His only begotten Son to the earth in the form of a baby.  Listen and rejoice in such a wonderful act of God’s love.

OUR GRATITUDE (1 Cor. 1:4-10)

OUR GRATITUDE (1 Cor. 1:4-10)

November 25, 2012

During this time of Thanksgiving, what are you grateful for? 

Is it your family, your husband, your wife, your job?  

For the believer, we are most grateful for our salvation granted to us by a gracious God.  For we know that there was nothing in our actions that warranted that salvation, there was only the amazing grace of God. 

Listen to this podcast and learn how Paul expressed his gratitude to God, and as you listen you will find the things that you can be truly grateful for.

THE POWER OF JESUS CHRIST (Mark 1:35 to 2:12)

THE POWER OF JESUS CHRIST (Mark 1:35 to 2:12)

November 4, 2012

When you commit a crime against a state or local jurisdiction, it is a court from that jurisdiction that is given authority to determine your guilt or innocence of that transgression.  This is because the law that you have broken was written by the same state or local jurisdiction.  It is their law you have broken, therefore, they hold the right to judge you.  

When you commit a sin against a holy and just God, it is God alone that has the authority to determine your guilt or innocence, and then to convict and sentence you for that sin.  This is because God has established the absolute truths of what is right and what is sin, therefore, He alone holds the right to judge you.  

It is because God is a just God that He cannot simply say your sin does not matter and release you from the consequences of that sin.  So God chose to send His only begotten Son to pay the penalty for your sins.  He did this so that He can forgive, not just some of the people of their sin, but so that He can forgive all of mankind's sin.  The authority to forgive sin is God's and God's alone.  No priest, pope, ruler, or potentate can do this. 

Listen to this podcast to learn how Jesus Christ claimed the power and authority to forgive your sin on this earth.  Learn how if you do not seek the forgiveness that Jesus can provide before you die, you will not receive that forgiveness at all.

TO KNOW SOMEONE (2 Cor. 11:21-27)

TO KNOW SOMEONE (2 Cor. 11:21-27)

September 2, 2012

When you look at the people around you, all you can see is what they physically display.  You cannot see the experiences that have shaped them into who they are as a person.  Our first impressions of people are often lasting impressions.  Successful people dress differently than others.  Educated people speak more eloquently than others.  Poor people act with less confidence in a society that rewards only success.  

The same thing applies to our churches.  Many people are misled by those preachers and teachers who boast of the credits applied to their name.  They proclaim their educational credentials, their heritage, or the churches that sent them.

 Are these the things that really matter in preaching the gospel message? 

Listen and rejoice as we learn that God's gospel message is simple.  It is a message of God's grace and not man's efforts to follow some set of religious ritual.  It does not need to be hidden behind fancy speeches and educated speakers.  The gospel message is so simple a child can understand it, and a broken heart can accept it.

THE TRUE GOSPEL (2 Cor. 11:1-7)

THE TRUE GOSPEL (2 Cor. 11:1-7)

August 13, 2012

How do you decide what is true and what is false? 

When it comes to salvation, how do you know the true gospel from a false gospel? 

When Satan tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden he was described as being subtle, or crafty.  There are many teachers who proclaim to be from God.  They cry out that they provide a gospel message of salvation.  Yet these false teachers have taken the Word of God and subtly changed it to meet their own form of religion.  

They apply rules to a free gift of God.  They apply religious ritual to God's gift of grace.  They apply legalism to the gospel message of Christ that frees man from the burden of the law.  

Eve faced the temptation from Satan with two weapons, the Word of God, and the Spirit of God. 

Satan attacked those weapons by creating doubt about the authority of the Word of God, then he denied the accuracy of the Word of God, then he created delusion about the acceptability of the Word of God.  Satan uses these same tactics today. 

Listen to this podcast and find out how to determine the true gospel message of God.  Learn how Satan is currently working in our world and how to combat him.



July 30, 2012

What is it that drives you to give a tithe or offering to God?


What is it that causes you to pull out your wallet and place cash in the offering plate each week?


Is it a sense of duty to God?


Do you give so you can get more in return from God?  How many times have you heard that you cannot out give God? 


Listen to this podcast and learn the believer’s motivation for giving to God.  Rejoice as we learn that our giving is always for our benefit.

GIVING THROUGH GRACE (2 Cor. 7:12 to 8:5)

GIVING THROUGH GRACE (2 Cor. 7:12 to 8:5)

June 14, 2012

What do you know about God's grace? 

Theologians define grace as the unmerited favor of God, but if that is our only definition then we will miss the rich flavor of this word.  The grace of God is the passion of God to share all His goodness with others. 

Listen to this podcast as Paul uses this principle to describe the spirit of a believer towards giving to God.  Paul calls giving a grace.  It is a grace of God.

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