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A STRONG, SAVING, FAITH (John 4:48-54)

A STRONG, SAVING, FAITH (John 4:48-54)

November 25, 2018

Why do we Follow Christ? Think about your answer to that question, why do you follow Christ?

Do we follow Christ because of promised healing? No, that is not the reason we follow Christ, because Christians get sick and die just like everyone else.

Do we follow Christ because of protection from disaster or accidents? I see no evidence that Christians escape disaster and accidents more often than others. A bullet makes no detour around the body of a believer.

Do we follow Christ for promised prosperity? Again, I see no evidence that Christians are particularly favored with wealth and success in the world.

Do we follow Christ because of a promise of stronger personalities or fewer neuroses than non-believers? I have watched Christians suffer emotional and mental disabilities, just like non-believers.

So, why do we follow Christ? Why become a disciple of Jesus when life may become more complicated as He so often warned us it would?

For one reason alone. In Jesus we behold the face of God. He is the truth, the everlasting truth. I trust in Him and His promises. He is the one certain thing in an uncertain world. He is to be worshiped, not so something will happen to me or to the world, something already has happened to me and the world, but because He is God, who through Christ has reconciled the world to Himself. He saves me. He is my justification. He is the center that holds. We offer our lives to Him because He alone has claim upon us."

Don’t base your faith in Jesus Christ based on signs and wonders. Jesus is the Savior. He suffered, lived, bled, and died for you, rose from the dead, and if you'll trust Him, I promise you, according to His Word, He will save you and He will keep you, and one day we'll be gathered around the throne to give Him praise forever and ever and ever. Believe in miracles, but trust in Jesus, and you go from a superficial faith, to a strong faith, to a saving faith. That's what matters.

Click on the link below to hear a message on how to progress from a superficial faith based on signs and wonders, to a strong, saving, faith in Jesus Christ.


STRONG FAITH (John 4:43-48)

STRONG FAITH (John 4:43-48)

November 18, 2018

Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

Every true believer in Jesus Christ must have faith in God. That is a basic requirement of being born again. If you do not have faith in God, then you cannot be born again. How many of you would like to have strong faith, not just faith enough to be saved, but strong faith in God?

In our economy, the dollar is the medium of exchange. If you want to receive something at a store, well, that store owner is likely to say something like, “According to your dollars, be it unto you.” Can’t you imagine a store owner talking like that? What he is saying to you is, according to the number of dollars you have, then that is how much I will give to you.

Well, in the kingdom of heaven, dollars are not is the medium of exchange. Faith is. The store owner in heaven, God, says in His Word, According to your faith, be it unto you.

Matt 9:29
29 Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.

This just means that whatever we receive from God is according to our faith. God gives to us according to our faith. Not according to the amount of money we give. Not according to who our friends are. Not according to our family. Not according to our feelings. Not according to our fate, F-A-T-E, and I hope you're not watching the horoscope, but according to our faith. Jesus said to the blind person, according to your faith, be it unto you. Now, not only do we need to possess faith. What we really need is for faith to possess us. We need a mighty faith. Why? Because we have a Mighty God.

The greater your faith, the greater the glory that God gets, and the more pleased He is with it. It is by faith that man gives God pleasure, and it is according to our faith that God gives man treasure, real treasure. Not the kind you put in your bank account, but the real treasure of God.

What is the real treasure of God? Well, what does God value the most of all things? His Son. The real treasure of God is His son. It is according to our faith that God gives us His Son and everlasting life.

John 5:24
24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

That is what real treasure is.

Click on the link below to hear a message on how to have strong faith in God. If you will apply the things that God tells us in His Word to your daily walk with Him, then God will bless you a strong faith.




November 11, 2018

It is not enough to worship God. It is not enough to worship God. Now, you must worship God, and you should worship God, but any real worship will show itself in evangelism and service.

Matt 4:10
10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

Jesus links worship and service together, and any so-called worship that is not the blood-brother of evangelism is false worship. Real worship always results in evangelism. If your worship of God is not the blood-brother of evangelism, then there is something wrong with it. What better worship service can we have than one where people are getting saved?

When you truly worship in power and spirit, then you are going to witness to everyone around you, and your witness will be filled with a new power. When you worship in truth and spirit, your witness and your service will be different from anything you have done in the past.

Click on the link below to learn that there is a mandate to our worship of God. Jesus tells us “thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou serve.” It is the worship of God alone that will satisfy the longing of your heart, and it is the worship of God alone that will satisfy the longing of the Father's heart. God thirsts for your worship just as you thirst to worship him. The mandate that God gives us for our worship is to then share the gospel message of Jesus Christ to others who are seeking to fill that thirst for God. Evangelism always follows true worship.


HOW TO WORSHIP GOD (John 4:7-24)

HOW TO WORSHIP GOD (John 4:7-24)

November 4, 2018

Do you know what the word worship means? Well, you can almost hear it as you pronounce the word worship. Say it out loud, only this time say worth ship. Say it a little faster worth ship. Now, say it even faster worth ship. What does the word worship mean? It means that when we worship God, we are giving to Him, and attributing to Him, and assigning to Him, our estimation of His worth. When we worship God, we are showing Him how much He is worth. Not just to you and me, but His total worth.

You see, God is God and God deserves that we worship Him because there is no other God. It is God who made us. It is God who created us. It is God who sustains us, and it is God who is all glory. He deserves our worship because there is no other like Him. We have to learn that God is not going to bless anybody who doesn't worship Him. You have got to learn how to worship, if you want the power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

When we begin to worship, then God begins to work, and there is nothing that will wipe the devil out like worship and praising the Lord. If it seems like God is not real to you, if it seems like when you pray your prayers are dry and ineffective, try worshiping God full of praise, and you'll have the power of the Holy Spirit in each of your prayers. Worship the Lord, praise the Lord, give him the glory due to his name, because God demands our worship.

Click on the link below to hear a message on how to worship God. It must not be wrapped up in a building or shrine. It must not be formalized to the point of being frozen. A frozen church service is a dead church, and the Holy Spirit will not work in a dead church. There must be joy in our worship, and our worship should be full of praise to the one and only Almighty God. It must also not be fantasized. True worship is when we worship the God of the Bible, not some God that you have created to meet your social ethics. If you are not worshiping the God of the Bible, then you are not worshiping in truth and in spirit. Learn to truly worship God and the watch the power of the Holy Spirit come alive in your life.


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