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A CLEAN CONSCIENCE (Hebrews 9:7-10; 14)

A CLEAN CONSCIENCE (Hebrews 9:7-10; 14)

July 24, 2022

A CLEAN CONSCIENCE (Hebrews 9:7-10; 14)

How does the Bible teach us to face the trials of life?  It says that you can face those trials if you have a good conscience, if you have a great hope, and a gracious companion in the Holy Spirit of God.  When the Bible talks about our conscience, it is really talking about our soul, and the worst pollution of all is the pollution of the soul. Now, all pollution is bad, but the worst pollution is not the kind we breathe, and it seems like we’re just being polluted to death.  But, may I tell you that the real ecology problem is that of Satan and of sin, and the real pollution problem is that of sin.

The word uncleanness stands for a state of mind, and a state of soul, and a state of spirit, that is not right with God, and it stands for sin. Sin makes us unclean.  In our study today, God will make the point that death and sin, or death and uncleanness, are inseparably linked together. Sin causes death, therefore, death is the visible sign of sin.

We often pray for the families of people who died, and sometimes we talk about people who die of sickness, and then we talk about other people who die a natural death. May I tell you that there is no such thing as a natural death, for all death is unnatural. It is not what God planned for us. All death is the result of sin.  Now, listen to me carefully, all death is the result of sin, but not necessarily your personal sin. But, had there been no sin, there would have been no death. There was no sin in the Garden of Eden, and as a result, there was no death in the Garden of Eden, until sin came.  Therefore, death is the visible sign, and the object lesson, of sin.  

Click on the link below to hear a message on what the Bible tells us about the causes of our soul becoming unclean.

This is a live recording of The Master’s Class Bible Study at LifeChange Church Wichita, KS.


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