The Master’s Class, Summit Church


July 3, 2019

Where do you feel the safest? At home? That is generally the answer we give to that question, and it is because that is where we spend most of our time, it where we keep most of our possessions, and it is where our loved ones live with us. It is also the reason we feel so emotionally impacted when a robber comes in to violate that safe space. It is not just the things that they take, it is that they remove that feeling of security we feel within the walls of that safe space. Once that feeling of security is violated, you may want to fortify your home, put in better locks, stronger doors, or get a burglar alarm. I know if it happens in my house, my first reaction will be to stand guard at the doorway of my home as the protector of my loved ones who live in that house with me. I believe that is the role God gives the husband, to be the protector of the people that God has put in his life, and I would give my life in order to keep them safe.

Click on the link below to hear a message about that safe place we have in our spiritual lives. That place where we feel protected. Jesus is going to talk about being a good shepherd, one who puts His sheep in a secure place and stands at the door to protect them from those who would come to steal and to rob the flock.


TO BE BORN BLIND (John 8:54 to 9:7)

TO BE BORN BLIND (John 8:54 to 9:7)

June 16, 2019

Most of us who have the ability to see, take that ability for granted. It is like walking, or hearing, or even breathing, it is something you consciously do every day. But you don’t think about doing it, or what it would be like to not be able to see, until something happens that puts our eyesight in jeopardy. Those who were able to see for a period of their lives, and then lost their sight, feel the loss of that sight every day, but they have their memories of what things looked like. Someone who is born blind, and has never been able to see at all, has no such memories. The colors of a sunset, the faces of loved ones, and the stars in the sky are things they must imagine from the descriptions others give them. Yet, they have no reference to compare it to, they have only the words that they hear. How do you describe the colors of a sunset to someone who has never seen any color at all?

Yet, what would happen if someone came up to that blind person and said, I can give you sight, I can let you see what you have been missing? Would that person who could not see, choose to see, or would they be so used to living the way they had been, that they would choose not to see? Would they embrace the light, or would they choose to stay in the darkness? You say, “But of course they would choose to see the light, why would they choose to stay in the darkness?” Well, that is indeed the question, isn’t it?

John 3:19-21
19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.
21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

Click on the link below to hear a message about two different kinds of people who were born blind. One man who was born physically blind, and another group of people who were born spiritually blind. One chose the light, the other chose the darkness.




April 28, 2019

This is a message about the power of God, the obedience of our Lord to the will of His Father, and to the decisions that we must make about who Jesus is in our lives. No other decision that we make is as important as the one to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. To make Him our Master, and to accept the work of salvation that He has completed for us.

Click on the link below to hear a message about Jesus Christ forcing people to choose who He was, a good man, a prophet, or the Promised Messiah and the Son of God.




April 7, 2019

At some point in our lives, each of us has to make a decision about who Jesus Christ is to us, personally. Is He the Son of God and our Savior, or just a prophet, a teacher, or a good man? Each of us comes to this decision from different viewpoints and different life experiences. Yet, we must all ultimately answer the same question, who will Jesus Christ be in my life? My Savior, or just a figure in history? Will He be someone I give my life to, or someone I reject, claiming my life as my own?

Our eternal destiny, either heaven or hell, will be decided by the decision we make about Jesus Christ. Nothing else matters. Not the religion we choose. Not the church we attend. Not the good things that we have done in our lives, or will do in the future. Not the bad things that we have done in our lives, or will do in the future. Not murder, not adultery, not prostitution, not lying, not suicide. Other than rejecting Christ, the Bible does not state an unpardonable sin that prevents you from being saved, or forces you to lose your salvation. You will not find a verse in the Bible that says in order to be saved you must believe on Jesus and you must not have done this particular sin at any time in your life. What the Bible does say is:

John 5:24
24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

The one requirement for salvation and eternal life is that you make a true heart trusting decision to accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God, truly repent of your sins, and accept that Jesus died on the cross for your sins. That’s it. Nothing else matters. To say one sin is greater than another sin is to not understand the perfect holiness of God. Any sin, from the smallest to the worst, must be judged and condemned by a Holy God. Any sin that you commit demands that the penalty for that sin be paid, and the penalty is the same for all sin, an eternity in Hell. The only question is who will pay the penalty for that sin. Jesus Christ as your Savior, or you when you decide to reject Jesus.

Click on the link to hear a message on how the nation of Israel, and most of the people, rejected Jesus Christ as the Messiah. They made their choice about who Jesus was in their lives, and they are spending an eternity in hell as a result of that decision. The apostle Paul tells us to examine ourselves to determine if we are in the faith. There is no more important decision that you will make at any time in your life than who Jesus is to you. Choose wisely. Choose life.




February 24, 2019

I know a lot of Christian people who are living painful lives because they have let toxins build up in their lives. They have let the sins of worry, envy, jealousy, fear, pride, bitterness, and doubt, build up in their lives. They build up more and more of these toxins in their lives. If you don't allow the blood of Christ to be constantly cleansing you, then you are going to be living a life of pain. The blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, cleanses us from all sin.

Now, you may be saved and on your way to heaven, but you're miserable, you're miserable because you are not letting the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse you, and so you're just miserable. You see, not only is there the constant provision of the blood, there is the cleansing property of the blood. It is the body’s blood that cleanses us in the physical world, and it is the blood of Christ that cleanses us in the spiritual world.

This is the reason that many Christians are failing. They are not living in victory because while they understand the saving blood, they have never understood that everything that I need to live the Christian life is in Jesus.

Click on the link below and you will hear a message on how the wonder-working power of the precious blood of the Lamb can give you victory as you walk with Christ. Listen as God tells us in His Word that Anything Jesus has overcome, we can overcome, and Everything that I need to live the Christian life is in Jesus, and Jesus is already in me.

There is power, wonder-working power, in the precious blood of Jesus Christ.




February 17, 2019

Are you in the secret service? I know a lot of Christians who are in the secret service. Now, they may be saved, but you would never know it by looking at them and the way they talk, the way they walk, the way they act, and the way they live. They do not have that power that God wants them to have. The life of Jesus Christ is not evidenced in them, and the difference is that they have never discovered the power of the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ gave Himself for us in order that He might give Himself to us. He wants to share the power and life that is in His blood with us.

This is why we are failing to walk victoriously in Christ. We can be going to heaven, and we can thank God for the shed blood, which is saving blood, but there is more to it. He gave Himself for us, that He might give Himself to us, that we may eat of His flesh, and drink of His blood. Jesus is saying that we are to do this so His life might be in you.

Click on the link below to hear a message on what it means to find life in the blood of Jesus. Just as in my human body everything that my body needs to exist is delivered to me by my blood, so everything I need to live the victorious Christian life is in Jesus. There is life, and there is power, in the blood. The life of Christ is in that blood, life everlasting, and there is power in that blood for you and me to walk victoriously in our work for the Lord.




January 13, 2019

Our message today is about the miracle where Jesus fed the 5,000 using just five loaves of bread and two little fishes. We will see that Jesus performed a miracle, and it was a miracle of feeding physical bodies. However, if all you learn from this message is that Jesus can miraculously feed 5,000 people with five loaves and a few fishes, then you have missed the whole point of the message God has for us today. What I want you to do as we talk about this miracle is to look beyond the miracle and on to Jesus. Jesus did not come to this earth as God incarnate in man in order to feed you physically. Jesus did not come to heal you physically. Jesus did not come to solve all of your physical, material, problems. He is a Savior. He came to save you from sin, and you need to look beyond these miracles and on to Jesus. We need to believe in miracles, but trust in Jesus.

Down in your heart, down in the deepest part of your being, there is a hunger that only God can satisfy. Pascal once said, "In every man's heart there is a God-shaped vacuum that God alone can fill through His Son Jesus Christ." And that is the hunger that I want to talk to you about today, not the physical hunger that we have.

Click on the link below and learn how there is never a problem too big for Jesus to solve. In every problem you face, God already knows about the problem and He has a plan to solve it. So many times, we have a problem in our lives that we're trying to solve. We are using all of our strength, at least so we think, but there is a heavenly Father who is ready to help us with His strength in order to solve our problem. The moral of the story is, there is never a problem too big for Jesus to solve, you just need to ask Him.


WHO IS JESUS?  GOD. (John 5:31-47)

WHO IS JESUS? GOD. (John 5:31-47)

January 6, 2019

Over the last several weeks, I have posted messages based on the truths found in the fifth chapter of the gospel of John. This chapter is one of the most powerful declarations that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and as the Son, He is equal to the Father in all things. If you do not believe this is true, then you do not truly believe in the deity of Christ, and you cannot be a child of God. Neither the Father nor the Son was created. Neither the Father nor the Son existed without the other. The Father is not anymore God than the Son, and the Son is not any less God than the Father.

On this podcast site, I have received a great deal of negative comments to my assertion that Jesus the Son is equal to God the Father. Many of them placing human limitations on the three parts of the Trinity. They ask is the son equal to the father in a human relationship, or is a servant equal to the master of a household? When we put human limitations and characteristics on God, then we deny the sovereignty and divine nature of God. It is an age-old attempt to deify man to the same level as God.

The ultimate secret of the universe is God, one God, existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each of three are equally God. All three make up the One true God. To not believe this is true is to not truly believe in the Holy Trinity. There are not three Gods, there is one God. Therefore, each of the three parts of God, are equal as God, and are identified and worshiped as God. To not believe this is true, is to not believe the words of Jesus Christ that are found in this fifth chapter of the gospel of John.

God the Father directly testified that Jesus was His beloved Son.

Matt 3:16-17
16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him:
17 And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

When Jesus claimed to be Son of God, and that God was His Father, the Jews fully understood that He was claiming to be equal to God.

John 5:17-18
17 But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.
18 Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him, because he not only had broken the sabbath, but said also that God was his Father, making himself equal with God.

The apostle Paul wrote that Jesus was equal to God,

Phil 2:5-6
5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:
6 Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:

This is how the Bible reveals who Jesus Christ is. He is God.

Click the link below to hear a message on the how the Word of God describes who Jesus is.




September 2, 2018

The first miracle of the Lord’s public ministry was performed by Jesus at a wedding. When you think about it, it is significant that John’s record of the Lord’s first miracle was at a wedding, and the last miracle was at a funeral. The first, was connected with a joyful time in our lives, and the last was connected with a sad time in our lives.

It is also of interest, that the first miracle that Moses performed was turning water into blood, and the first miracle of Jesus was turning water into wine. Moses gave us the Law, it was harsh, and it required a blood sacrifice for forgiveness. Jesus gave us salvation by grace and truth, He ended the need for blood sacrifices of animals, and provided redemption by grace.

The Bible tells us that Jesus performed, literally, thousands upon thousands of miracles in His ministry on this earth. So, the question we have is why would the Holy Spirit choose this miracle out of all of these miracles to include in this gospel? He not only included it, He gave it the significant position of being first.

Click on the link below to hear a message about a simple miracle, with a simple message. That message is that we can believe on Jesus Christ, because He is the Son of God. He is the Promised Messiah, and He wants to fill us with His words so that we can share it with others.


JESUS CHRIST AS KING (Revelation 11:14 to 12:2)

JESUS CHRIST AS KING (Revelation 11:14 to 12:2)

November 26, 2017

There is a time coming in the future when heaven will open up and the people of the world will see Jesus Christ crowned as King of kings, and Lord of lords. Jesus Christ is coming to this world to establish His Kingdom on earth. Satan has been trying to establish this kingdom since the beginning of mankind, but all of his efforts have failed. Yet, there is a time that Jesus Christ will come to this earth to rule the whole world. It is important to understand that the Lord is not coming to be given a simple constitutional monarchy. Rather, it will be absolute, untrammeled, unhindered power. It will not be granted to Him by some decree issued by a group of men. No church will grant Him this reign. It will be taken, and imposed upon the earth, by the absolute power of God.

Heaven's ideal form of government for earth is a totalitarian monarchy with complete power vested in the Person of the Lord Jesus. When Jesus Christ comes to set up His Kingdom on earth, that is what it will be, and nothing, or no one, will be able to stand in His way.

Click on the link below to hear a message on the great power of our Lord Jesus.




October 29, 2017

The Book of Revelation presents to the world Jesus Christ as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Creator of all things, and the Lord of lords and King of kings. Jesus is the One we worship.

One of these days, sin's clock will be stopped, and the mystery of God will be finished, and delay will be no more. Sin has been on a rampage. Righteousness seems to have suffered. It is now coming to a conclusion. God has given the inhabitants of the earth time for repentance, but time is running out. The clock will strike its last note and sin's clock is about to be stopped. God’s mercy for sin is about to end. The time for repentance will come to an end.

Don't get the idea that you have time before the rapture to turn to God, for that may come at any moment. Don't get the idea that even after the rapture, that God will continue to give you time, even if you've never heard the Gospel before. There is coming a time when time will run out. When God's clock stops, that's it! And if you are not on God's train, you are going to be left.

The Book of Revelation tells us about the majesty, the mastery, and the mystery of Jesus Christ. When I see the majesty of Christ that means Jesus, my Savior is due my total worship. When I see the mastery of His power that means that Jesus my Lord is worthy of my total confidence. He is the one who has everything under control. When I see God’s mysteries are revealed, then God’s mercy ends.

Click on the link below to hear a message on our Lord Jesus Christ as He is revealed in The Book of Revelation.




October 23, 2017

Who do most people say that Jesus Christ is? Do they say that He is the Son of God? No, most people do not. Instead, they say that Jesus was a prophet, a teacher, or just a man who lived in history.

The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is more than a man. He's more than a great man. The Islamic faith calls Him a prophet, but He's more than a prophet. The liberal looks upon Him as a philosopher, or a teacher, or an example. But the Jesus Christ that is Lord of my life is much more than a philosopher, or teacher. The Jesus Christ that I know personally as my Savior, is much more than just a good example.

Who is Jesus Christ? He is the One and Only Almighty God. The Creator of all things. That's who Jesus Christ is. The rich man is poor, the mighty man is weak, and the educated man is a fool if he does not know who Jesus Christ is. No one can claim to be truly educated who is ignorant of Jesus Christ.

Click on this link to hear a sermon on the glory, the grace, and the power, of the One and Only Almighty God, Jesus Christ as He is revealed in The Book of Revelation.




September 10, 2017

Do you believe that this is a true statement? Is there really no person too hard for God to save? Does God save every person that He could save? Why not?

You cannot stop God from loving you. You can reject His love, but you cannot keep Him from loving you. Neither can you keep it from raining, but you can raise an umbrella to keep the rain from falling on you. You can also raise the umbrella of indifference, or the umbrella of sin, or the umbrella of rebellion, so that you won’t experience God’s love, but you cannot keep God from loving you.

You can turn your back on God; you can blaspheme Him, and you can shake your fist in defiance at Him, but you cannot keep Him from wanting to save you. You cannot keep Him from loving you, for He provided a Savior, His own Son, to die in your place, and you cannot keep Him from wanting to save you. However, you can keep Him from saving you. God could overpower your will and save you whether you wanted Him to or not, but that is not God’s way. Each person is given a choice, to accept Christ or not.

Click on the link below to hear a sermon that shows there is no person too hard for God to save. No matter what you have done, there is no sin too far, and there is no crime too horrible, for God to save you. God loves you that much, but you can refuse to accept that salvation. We know this because God will save great multitudes of people, of every tribe, of every nation, and of every language during the Tribulation Period. There is no person too hard for God to save.



July 23, 2017

God has placed into the hands of men the decision as to whether or not they will accept Christ as Savior, but the decision as to whether or not they will acknowledge Him as Lord is not theirs to decide. The supreme tragedy of a lost eternity will be to know that there, shut out from the glory of heaven, sentenced to spend eternity in the burning fires of hell, all those who rejected Him as Savior, will still have to acknowledge that Jesus is Lord.

He will be praised at the center of heaven by the sinless sons of light and by the redeemed of all ages with joy unspeakable and full of glory. And He will be praised from the depths of the lake of fire by every damned and outcast soul with sobs and tears and choking cries.

Isa 45:23
23 I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.

Click the link to hear a sermon on how Jesus Christ is exclusively worthy of our worship. There is none other. He is exceedingly worthy because of Calvary, because of creation, and because of conquest. He is eternally worthy forever and ever.



April 2, 2017

We talked last week about a few things we could surmise about what Jesus looked like the first time He came, and compared that to the one portrayed in the paintings that we see, pictures, movies, and books today. The best example of this image is found in the painting of the last supper by Leonardo Da Vinci, showing Jesus with long hair, long white robes, and gentle in nature. If there is a picture of Jesus hanging in the church, it will be of this Jesus, the one man created because the Bible does not give us a clear description of what Jesus looked like the first time He came. Certainly, this is the image that people have in their minds when they think of Jesus today. When they use the name of Jesus in vain, this in the Jesus they are thinking of. When they declare that Jesus was nothing more than a good man, a prophet, or a teacher, this is the Jesus that they are thinking of. This is a Jesus that you can choose to ignore, or to reject, make fun of, or even deny that He ever existed, because there is nothing intimidating about Him.

However, even if this movie image of Jesus was correct, and I don’t believe it is, it was what Jesus looked like before the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of our Lord. The Jesus that stands in heaven today as the High Priest in the Holy Tabernacle of God, does not look anything like that Jesus. That Jesus was approachable, almost indistinguishable from everyone else. He looked like a common man, with nothing desirable about His appearance to draw our attention to Him. The one that stands before us today, retains the humanity of that Jesus, He has the scars of the nails in His Hands, but everything else about Him speaks of His deity, His glory, and His almighty power as the Creator of all things. The Jesus that stands before us today, is in the full glory of God. There is nothing meek or gentle in His nature or appearance, and when the world sees Him as He is, they will fall to their knees in worship and awe. No one will deny that this Jesus exists, nor will they ignore Him, or curse Him.

Click on the link and learn about the Jesus that stands before John as he hears a voice that sounded like a trumpet, and he turned and saw a vision of the resurrected, risen, glorified, Lord Jesus Christ. This is the Jesus who stands before us today.

OUR EXAMPLE IS CHRIST (1 Peter 2:19-21)

OUR EXAMPLE IS CHRIST (1 Peter 2:19-21)

June 19, 2016
How many people do you know that would suffer gruesome torture and death for you?  I would suspect not many, if there was anyone at all.  Yet, Christ suffered for us, and the truth is that we don’t even really understand the magnitude of the suffering Christ endured for each of us and for mankind in general.

When we think of Christ, it is generally after He came to live among us.  We think of the baby Jesus, the man Jesus, the miracle worker Jesus, the teacher Jesus, and the Jesus that died on the cross, who was buried and rose again.  We think of Jesus as we see Him portrayed in movies and TV, as a Man.  As believers, we also think of Him in His risen and resurrected glory.  This is the Jesus we normally think of.  But that is a very limited view of our Lord.  Jesus Christ was much more than that.  

I love the description that John Phillips gives of who the Lord Jesus really is.  I am paraphrasing here, but he says that the Bible gives us a picture of who the Lord Jesus was way back before time ever began, dwelling in a light unapproachable and living in perfect harmony with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit in unimaginable glory.  He was uncreated, self-existing, coeternal, coequal, and coexistent with the Father and the Spirit.  He was, and is, God the Son, the second person of the triune Godhead. His wisdom was infinite, His love fathomless, and His power without measure or end.  His nature and attributes were those of the living God.  He basked in the sunshine of the Father's love in endless delight.  Eternal ages rolled by without end.  All was love, joy, and peace, beyond all imagination or thought. And then, in the council chambers of eternity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit agreed that They would act in creation.  The Son was the active agent. 

Col 1:16
16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

All things were created by Him.  John tells us the same thing.  

John 1:1-3
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 The same was in the beginning with God.
3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

The Son put forth His wisdom and His power, and hosts of angels appeared, rank upon rank.  Galaxies of stars sprang into being and filled space with billions of centers of light.  Planet Earth, a bright blue sphere in the Milky Way, was chosen to be the home of man. Life, in a countless variety of forms, appeared at His command.  Man was created and became another exhibit of the Son’s wisdom and power.

This is the One who willingly chose to step down from His throne in heaven and come to earth as God incarnate in man in order to suffer for us because sin raised its head in the universe and was transplanted to Earth.  Adam fell.  Sin entered, and death by sin.  Now the Creator must become the Christ.  Prophet after prophet arose to foretell the coming of a Kinsman-Redeemer, a Savior which is Christ the Lord.

So God's Son became the Seed of the woman, the Seed of Abraham, the Seed of David.  He was to be the Lion of the tribe of Judah.  He was the Child born and the Son given.  He was called the Wonderful Counselor, the Father of eternity, the Mighty God, the Prince of peace.

He was born of a virgin in Bethlehem, the Lord's Anointed, Prophet, Priest, and King.  Page after page of the Old Testament told the story.  Book after book was written, all about Him.  Detail added to detail increased the wonder of it all.  He stood apart from all others, robed in majesty, the altogether lovely One, and the chiefest among ten thousand, the One who suffered for us.

Peter saw it happen.  He was an eyewitness of much of it.  The suffering began when Jesus was but eight days old.  He was circumcised.  It was His first personal experience of pain.  He grew up.  He began His ministry.  He suffered at the hands of the people He had come to save.  He knew loneliness, rejection, and malicious hatred.  His family disbelieved His claims.  His disciples let Him down.  Peter himself denied Him with oaths and curses, and Judas sold Him for a pocketful of change. 

He wept His heart out in Gethsemane.  He was falsely accused, beaten, and abused by His own people, then He was mocked, scourged, and crucified by the soldiers of Rome. He endured the torments of death on a cross. Finally, He was made sin for us and abandoned by God.

Peter says, Leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps.  As believers we are the apprentice and Christ is the Master Carpenter.  He is our example of how to live the life of a victorious Christian.  He is our example of how we are to react to suffering, living in a moment-by-moment cooperation with the indwelling Spirit of God.


April 24, 2016
When we think of building a home, we spend a lot of time thinking about how many rooms we want to have, how big they should be, should we use carpets on the floor or some kind of tile or wood; what kind of countertops, marble, Formica, tile, or even solid wood; what color the outside of the house should be, do you want a deck or a fence in the backyard.  Everything we spend the most time on is generally on the appearance of the home, and the functionality of the rooms, and that is understandable because that is what we see and use the most.  

I would hazard a guess that, other than deciding on whether or not to have a basement, most of us will not even spend 5 minutes making sure the house has a solid foundation to be built on.  As Jesus said in His parable of the two builders, there are wise builders and there are foolish builders.

Matt 7:24-27
24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:
25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.
26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:
27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

The foundation of our home may not be the thing we think about the most, but the truth is, if the foundation of your home is not solid, the winds and storms of Kansas will blow all of that nice exterior and interior beauty away in just a brief moment.  In fact, after a tornado, often the only thing left is the foundation of the home.  

The spiritual house of our church and our own spiritual life, depend on having a solid foundation.  You can have the best music program, the most entertaining sermons, even the best youth programs, but if your spiritual house is not built on a faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of the living God, then, you will have nothing but disappointment when the storms of tragedy come blowing into your life.  

1 Cor 3:11
11 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

This is what our lesson is about today.  Jesus Christ as the Living Stone that is to be the foundation that our spiritual house is built upon.


November 18, 2014
Sin has caused the death of every human that has ever lived.  So you might ask Is there a solution to the problem of sin and death?

The answer to this question is found in the love and grace of God.  God loves us so much that He planned the solution to the problem of sin and death before the world was ever formed.  

The answer is where one man created the problem, a second Man is the solution, or a last Adam.  Jesus Christ.  The One who through His obedience to will of the Father restored all that the first Adam threw away by his willful rebellion against the command of God.  


July 5, 2014
Each of us make important decisions that will have an impact on the direction that our lives take.  For example, the career path that you choose determines what kind of training, education, and work that you will do.  

Your choice of career determines your financial position in society, how you will spend your work day, whether it is on a construction site, in a hospital, or in an office for the next 40 years of your life.  

Choosing the person whom you will spend the rest of your life married to is an important decision as well. Choosing the mate that God has for you will lead to a relationship that is only excelled by our relationship with Jesus.  

On the other hand, choosing the mate that satisfies your earthly desires will lead to a life full of sorrow and pain. When you are ready to dedicate the rest of your life to being one with another person, you must consider that choice very carefully.

But the single most important decision that each one of us will make is what we will do about Jesus Christ.  All of the other decisions that you make, career, marriage, or education, will have an impact on your life here on earth, that brief period of about 70 years that you live.  

The decision you make about what to do with Jesus Christ will impact your life for all of eternity.  It will decide where you will spend eternity, either heaven or hell.  It will decide whether you will spend eternity either with God, or separated from God.  

The decision of whether you will spend eternity in heaven or hell has nothing to do with how good or bad you are.  It rests solely on your acceptance or rejection of Jesus Christ as your Savior.  The penalty of sin is death.  We are all sinners and we are all going to die, unless the Lord comes first.  However, not all of us are going to heaven.  In fact, many more are going to hell.

Jesus tells us 

Matt 7:13-14
13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

The critical decision that determines which gate you will go through, and therefore, where you will spend eternity must be made while you are still alive.  God has given you a finite time to make your choice about Jesus Christ.  

This is the gospel message of God.  It tells you that you must make a decision about Jesus Christ.  


November 29, 2013
There are many things that I am grateful to God for, the love of my family, the love of a wife that I have been married to for 35 years, and a loving God that uses me to teach and preach the Word of God.  God has truly been gracious to me and my family, but most of all He has been gracious to each believer for we serve a risen Lord.

Listen to this podcast to learn how the ascension of our Lord is as significant to our faith as the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is.  Jesus is alive and working for us today.  Jesus did not just go off into heaven and leave us never to be heard from again.  His work on earth has provided us with a perfect and complete salvation.  His work in Heaven continues our salvation as our great High Priest in the Holy Tabernacle in Heaven.

Jesus is alive.  Jesus is working for us in Heaven, and Jesus is coming back.  These are things that distinguish our faith from all other religions. These are things we base our faith on.  Join me as we give thanks to a gracious and loving God.